Senior Class

Grade 6 or Age 11 Plus

Subjects taken by Juniors and Senior
Hadith (selections from 40 hadith of imam Nawawi)

  • One hadith per week starting with “actions are based on intentions”
  • Explanation provided by Hafiz Umar (context / perspective / application)
  • This is expected to take 15 mins at the beginning of each class

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Juzz Amma (meanings of surahs from the 30th juzz / para)

  • Existing students (5) to be kept in one class as they are at the same level and have achieved shared progress based on previous semesters attendance
  • New students to begin with surah fatiha and the last 10 surahs
  • Students will learn correct recitation (tajweed / pronunciation) + meanings of these surahs (reason for revelation + practical steps towards application)
  • Students will be split into junior and senior groups if enough registrations are achieved
  • This class will run for 45 mins

Note : The table below represents a schedule for potential new students

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Existing Students (bellow)

expected to memorize the surahs listed bellow (in terms of
meanings and tafseer , these existing students may potentially study the life of prophet Yusuf
from the Quran)

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Islamic Studies for Seniors

(essential deen studies for Canadian teens)

  • Course designed for students aged 12-17
  • Previously enrolled Junior students may be given the option of moving up to the senior level for this course (if they meet the expectations of teachers)
  • This class will run for 45 minutes
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JazakAllahu Khairan