Policy & Procedure of NICE Funeral Program

Proof of Canadian citizenship / residency required
  1. Actual cost up to $5000.00 CDN will be provided as a funeral-related cost only (Burial expenses like buying the grave, washing the body, cascade, clothing, digging the grave, etc.) if the person deceased in North America (Canada & USA). Board members will review periodically if the amount has to be adjusted. A death certificate/receipt for burial expenses needs to be provided. And all the expenses have to be funeral related cost with official receipts. This service is applicable for Canadian residence only.
  2. No monthly fee will be collected from the funeral members. But all funeral members are encouraged to support NICE with any monthly donation. This is optional but highly recommended just to be connected and support NICE development.
  3. If the person deceased in South Asia then a maximum of up to 150,000.00 local currency or equivalent Canadian currencies or actual cost whichever is lower will be disbursed to cover the funeral cost. The actual cost receipt has to be provided for the file.
  4. One Time Membership Fee - Adult $75.00 (25 years and older), Children $25.00 (under 25 years/ single/ dependent), Siblings $25.00 (under 25 years/ single/dependent/living at same address).
  5. Once a child/sibling does not meet any of the criteria – “under 25 years/ single/ dependent or living at the same address”, they will have 60 days to fill out a separate form as an adult or he/she will not be eligible for any further funeral benefits.
  6. If any member fails to contribute three consecutive funeral costs, his/her membership will automatically be terminated and no longer will be eligible for this funeral benefit.
  7. Each family (husband/wife/children - Sibling who meets the criteria detailed above -NOT INCLUDING parents/ in-laws) consider as one member-family.
  8. For parents and parents’ in-laws, a separate form is required and they will be considered as a separate member-family. This service is only applicable to Canadian residence only.
  9. Required documents:
    a) Signed “Registration Form & Policy & Procedure”
    b) Initial membership fee
    c) Signed “Pre-Authorized payment form” with VOID CHEQUE
  10. All Fees and funeral pool payments are non-refundable.                                                                                                                                                                                                              a) In case of a member’s death, the  “NICE funeral program” committee will withdraw funeral cost(s) from a member's account not more than $30/member-family for an occurrence. If the member has three seperate units then the maximum cost will be $90.00 per occurrence for that member-family.
    b) Amount for each occurrence will go down with our increasing membership.
    c) For example: If we have 100 members-family and funeral cost for one person is $5000, it will be equally divided among all the members-family (EXCEPT THE DECEASED MEMBER’S FAMILY) and each member will be paying $50.50-20.50=$30.00 ($5000/99 members).NICE will pay the remaining i.e. $20.50. This exact scenario with 200 members – each member will be paying $25.13($5000/199 members)
    e) You will be notified by e-mail that an incident has occurred and the amount you are responsible for
    f) 15th of that month or the following month, the amount will be withdrawn from your bank account
    g) Any additional balance remaining will be paid by “NICE”
  11. In case of a Canadian resident’s death outside Canada, the following amount will be paid:
    a) For anywhere in Southeast Asia actual cost with the receipt and up to Maximum 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand LOCAL CURRENCY). Funeral cost-related receipt has to be provided.
    b) Anywhere besides North America and Southeast Asia, the amount provided will be the same equivalent to the funeral cost as North America only in the local currency of that country. For example: If one of the members deceased in GERMANY, and the funeral cost in Canada is $5000 CAD at that time, will be provided in a GERMAN currency amount equivalent up to $5000 CAD or actual cost whichever is lower
  12. In the case of a death where the body is missing, NO benefits will be provided since this funeral program is NOT AN INSURANCE program. A key objective of the NICE Funeral program is to lessen the burden of the FUNERAL COST ONLY for its members.
  13. Anyone can notify member’s decease information (in detail) to the Funeral committee member at (647) 573-6655 and our committee member will start collecting the funeral cost-related information and offer help to arrange all the formalities according to Islamic guidelines (Sunnah). The committee will let other members know the Time & Location of Salat-uz-zanaza as well as the Graveyard information location so that other community members can join in the congregations.
  14. North-Valley Islamic Centre (NICE) management board has full authority to change or modify any rule(s) and will make decisions on a case by case basis of fund disbursement by the vote of the board members.

Below, you can download & print the application to submit physically or click on COMPLETE ONLINE to submit online

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