Islamic Studies

Weekend Islamic Studies Class

We are starting Islamic curriculum based classes. We thank you for
giving us opportunity for educating you children with the proper knowledge of aqaaid, akhlaq, fiqh, seerah and daily duas. As you may know the successful operation and progress of any educational facility requires some ground rules and financial cooperation. Therefore, we have prepared the following guidelines and terms for our registered students and their respected guardians:
1. Students are required to be punctual in accordance to the given time table.
2. In case of an absence/late/early leave, student must present a note with reachable phone no. on the note.
3. Students should be dressed according to the sanctity of Muslim.
4. Any concern with student, teacher will appoint a meeting with the parents and parents should attend the meeting.
5. All parents should contact teacher at least once a month to know regarding their child’s progress.
6. If the parents have any concern regarding the appointed teacher, please contact NICE management to resolve the issue due diligently.
7. The tuition fee will continue during student/teacher vacation.
8. If for any reason you decide to withdraw your child from the class, please let the management know in advance.
9. Your feedback regarding the quality of education will be highly appreciated.