North Valley Islamic Center (NICE) is

Dear Musallies and Patrons,
Assalamu alaikum

Due to worsening situation of COVID – 19 the NICE Management has decided to TOTALLY SHUT DOWN the musalla until further notice.

Please perform your daily prayers at your own place and if possible pray in congregation with your family members.

May Allah keep all of us safe and protect us from all calamities ! Aameen!!

Jazakallah Khairan
NICE Management

Prayer Time:


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Adult Quran Class

We are offering special Quran Classes for our Adults. We understand how eager they are to learn Quran, we value there time to learn the Holy Book of Allah.

Weekly Halaqa’s

We always Welcome our community to meet our Expert speakers to learn from them directly.

Weekend Islamic Studies Class

Special curriculum for our kids, to understand the Quran very closely.

5 times Prayers

We are conducting 5 Daily prayers with many other services.

North Valley Islamic Centre Monthly Events Calendar